Connecting charities and influential personalities together to work and create a positive and lasting change for the benefit of the world

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Our mission & what we do

Our mission is to connect charities and influential personalities together to work and create a positive and lasting change for the benefit of the world.

We work with a select group of global A-list celebrities, giving guidance and advice on a wide range of issues related to the non-profit sector: evaluating fundraising proposals and choosing the best projects for them; how best to engage with favourite causes; spotting potential reputational risks; and providing intelligence about the latest trends in the non-profit sector.

We also work with global non-profits or charities, a sector where you have to constantly think on your feet, monitor the fast moving news cycle and quickly develop responses to the ever-evolving media landscape.

We help A-list personalities fulfill their dreams of helping others

  • Fundraising proposal evaluation and potential charity assessment

  • Project assessment

  • Reputational management

We support non-profits in getting their voices heard

  • Celebrity endorsements

  • Celebrity program set up

  • Communication and fundraising advice: individual giving, major donors, online and offline fundraising, online campaigning, branding, campaign strategy and social media.

How we deliver

We have a “mantra” and we work based on values that form our name Top Social:
Trust, Optimism, Professionalism, Solidarity, Originality, Care, Innovation, Accuracy and Leadership

We work with our clients to find the right solution for every challenge at hand. That is why we focus on few clients, because we want to provide the best possible service . Whether you are a celebrity manager, agent or a small non-profit, at Top Social we support you every step of the way offering you dedication, ambition and love into every hour we work with you.

We do not have a set formula to work with our clients. Every case is special, we consider ourselves artisans and we set up processes and work streams based on the specific needs and the culture of every person, charity or company that choose to make the necessary changes the world needs with us.

As we are very loyal to our mission, we need to carefully evaluate if the client is the right fit for us. Saving the world is an important business, and we take this very seriously. This is not a branding rant. We really mean what we say.

Who we are

We're two seasoned campaigners with extensive experience in bridging VIPs with good causes

Together we have over three decades of experience in the international non-profit sector and the global entertainment business. We have a life-long passion for building talented partnerships, fostering truly innovative campaigns and supporting effective and impactful charities.

We have helped global charities including Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Earth Hour with their VIP work. Meanwhile we have also helped raise the profile of smaller but highly effective groups including Animal Asia and Grrrowd amongst others.

Our vast inside experience in the non-profit sector also enables us to advise celebrities and VIPs’ managers on how to match their profiles with the chosen causes.

Inspired by the Greek Goddess Pheme. Spreading celebrity news that do good to the planet.

top social

Our logo is inspired by the Greek Goddess of fame, Pheme. Some myths say that Pheme was the last daughter of Mother Earth (Gaia) and responsible for spreading ​news ​about the Gods. She ​raised awareness ​about these ancient celebrities ​and increased communication amongst​ Mortals.

Pheme was ​the ​Celebrity Blogger ​of her time and​ this myth shows that even in ancient Greece, news about ​ famous figures in society had the power to fascinate and engage people.

At Top Social, we believe ​that this influence should be used for good, helping to change the world we live in. We help celebrities use their position to transmit the messages that matter to them, inspiring thousands more around the world to take action for the causes they believe in.


Meet Valeria and Oscar, the founders of Top Social

Valeria Botte Coca

Valeria Botte Coca

Founder and President

Oscar Soria

Oscar Soria

Co-founder and CEO


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Note: we do not work with companies that are directly or indirectly related to sectors dealing with tobacco, weapons, genetically modified food, oil, nuclear, coal, or any activity that involves animal cruelty or violates human rights.